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JUAC Contract Status–We have a new contract!

    • After about a year of bargaining we reached a tentative agreement in March, just before spring break.
      • The bargaining team was composed of:
        • Laurel Dieskow (President, Natural Sciences)
        • Gary Schirmer (Vice President, Fine Arts)
        • Larry Lahm (Membership Secretary, Math)
        • Marilyn Berrill (Math Dept. Rep.)
        • Kathi Ruge (DAEL Dept. Rep.)
        • Christy Hagemaster (IEA Uniserv Director).
      • The contract is fully approved.
        • Ratification meetings for members were conducted on March 23 and 24, and our members voted to approve the contract.
        • The JJC Board of Trustees voted to approve the new contract at their regular meeting on April 13, 2022.
      • Here is a link to a summary of the changes: Summary of Contract Changes March 2022     The full contract will be available on this website, and on the JJC website, as soon as the new document is completed with all of the changes. If you have questions please contact JUAC President Laurel Dieskow or your department representative.
        • The salary increase will be retroactive to August of 2021.  We do not yet have details about when that will be processed, but it will be completed during this fiscal year (before July 1st)
        • Payments will also be processed in June for those who have completed Safe Colleges training and Adjunct Faculty Seminars.
        • Language changes go into effect immediately.
        • Other compensation changes take effect with the 2022 Summer session.

Fall Membership Event

    • Sometime in the fall semester we will be having a special event for members.  Plans are not yet definite, but we will get the information out to all as soon as something is set.
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