Why belong to JUAC-IEA-NEA?

Adjuncts teaching at least 3 hours at JJC are members of the bargaining unit and eligible to join the union.

As members of the bargaining unit, adjuncts covered by the contract are entitled to all of the benefits and protections bargained by the union in the collective bargaining agreement (contract).  This includes the same wages and salary steps for experience, paid leave time, tuition course waiver, a procedure for seniority based class assignments, representation in disciplinary matters, a formal grievance procedure, and other benefits bargained for all adjuncts by the bargaining team.

The strength of our union depends on our membership.  Full union membership provides many additional benefits above and beyond those provided in the contract.  JUAC members have a voice in the local association–the right to vote on contract ratification and in union governance elections, to have input into the local budget, and to serve as representatives or officers.  They may also serve as delegates to the state (IEA) and national (NEA) Representative Assemblies (conventions) each year.  There are many more benefits in the form of discounts and savings on things like goods, services, and insurance.  Every additional signed member strengthens the union and makes us better able to represent all adjuncts at JJC.

Union leadership is working hard for all adjuncts and needs your support.  We bargained a 4-year contract (2021-2025) that includes substantial improvements for everyone, and we had the support of IEA staff, supported by dues-paying members, throughout that process.   So if you are already a member, thank you!  If you are not a member, please acknowledge the work of the union on your behalf and the benefits gained because of the union and join your union! 

Note:  If you are already an IEA-NEA member at another institution, that does not automatically make you a JUAC member.  You can join our local by paying only the local dues for our association which are $30/year.  If you have questions, please contact any of the officers or department representatives.

JUAC-IEA-NEA association membership provides many programs and services including:

  • Advocacy services through collective bargaining. Educators have a legal right to advocate for their interests through collective bargaining, and JUAC-IEA-NEA is the bargaining agent for adjuncts at JJC.   JUAC leaders, with the support of IEA staff, work hard through negotiations to raise wages, increase benefits, provide job security and improve working conditions for all members of our bargaining unit.
  • IEA staff representation in employment matters. IEA members know they have a legal right to representation if ever involved in an employment dispute. JUAC local representatives and IEA staff are available as needed to make sure you are treated fairly. If legal representation from an attorney is required, the IEA employs the very best in protecting your rights.
  • Liability insurance protection (provided as a part of membership). If you are sued for actions within the scope of your employment, the IEA liability insurance program protects you with up to $1 million in liability insurance coverage. This valuable protection is provided as a part of membership at no additional cost.
  • Training for new and experienced members. The association provides training to local members, and regularly sponsors leadership training programs and an Emerging Leaders School at its annual Summer Leadership Academy.
  • Publications and communications. Members of the association receive several publications through the year designed to inform about important education matters. Articles and links to information are also provided through top-notch websites.
  • Access to NEA Member Benefits. Many discounts and services, including  complimentary life insurance,  as well as other insurance plans ( );  low cost financial services such as credit cards, home and auto loans, and savings accounts ( );  a wide variety of discounts on goods, services ( ), and travel ( ).
  • Attorney referral program. Two free consultations and reduced rates for services with participating attorneys for members who need an attorney for personal matters such as real estate, wills, domestic relationships, traffic, and consumer problems.
  • Professional development opportunities. The IEA supports members at the local, regional, state, and national levels by providing classroom resources, information, and specific trainings.
  • Legislative and political representation. IEA members and staff work diligently in the Illinois General Assembly to pass and enforce laws that support quality education and educators. Through its political action committee (IPACE), the association also works to elect friends of education who support public education. (Note that contributions to political action is voluntary, and members who have personal objections to political activities of the union can get an IPACE refund of that contribution.)

Members who do not teach in a given semester have the option of paying reduced dues and keeping their membership continuous.  This is especially important for people who are taking advantage of any of the member benefits such as insurance that are only available to members.

For a membership form, or for more information, please use the contact form on this website, or contact the president or membership chair listed on the officers page.  You can also join online through the IEA website (

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